SpaceKeep by StarDAE

With SpaceKeep for Mac, you have the ability to Save the position and location of multiple App Windows and Documents, so they can be closed and reopened right where you left off.

Working on a project with multiple browser windows, word processor documents, and PDF files open at once? SpaceKeep can save a reference to each window's open document or website as well as placement and sizing, allowing you to close each window, and later reopen everything back up when you wish to continue with the click of a button.

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* Requires macOS 13 Ventura or later

SpaceKeep is simple and intuitive to use, while strong and powerful enough to handle more demanding tasks. Whether you only have a couple windows open for a few projects or you have a multi-monitor workstation with many apps and windows open simultaneously, SpaceKeep will handle the heavy lifting for you so you can get back to where you left off quickly and easily. This is thanks to its powerful, robust, and intelligent engine that helps make it a breeze to use and transitioning between workspaces as seamless as possible.

SpaceKeep Features

Screenshot Workspace

Automatically Save a Screenshot associated with your Workspace to help navigate quickly between multiple saved Workspaces.

Multiple Display Workspaces

Multiple Display Screenshot supported and intelligently rendered to the same positioning and orientation your Displays are set with.

Intuitive UI

Easy and Intuitive UI for Fast Navigating, Saving, and Retrieving Workspaces with a Glance.

Supported Apps

SpaceKeep works with most Mac apps. SpaceKeep also works great with your favorite browsers, helping to save open windows and tabs. The following list is just some of the apps that work with SpaceKeep:

• Safari
• Chrome
• Brave
• Microsoft Edge
• Firefox
• Vivaldi

• Microsoft Word
• Pages
• Mail
• Notes
• Evernote
• Stickies

• Microsoft Excel
• Numbers
• Affinity Designer
• Affinity Photo
• Calendar 

• Microsoft Powerpoint
• Keynote
• TextEdit
• Sublime Text 4
• and much much more...