MultiScreenshot by StarDAE

MultiScreenshot is a handy utility for Mac that allows you to take Screenshots of Multiple Displays and have them stitched automatically.

MultiScreenshot lives in the macOS menu bar for quick access from any application. Take a MultiScreenshot with a single click. Alternatively, use the the Global Keyboard Shortcut to take screenshots even faster from any context.

Whether you have a single external monitor connected to your MacBook or 5+ Displays connected to a Desktop Workstation, MultiScreenshot candle handle it with ease. MultiScreenshot will work with any number of Simultaneous Monitors supported by macOS and any arrangement/orientation of the displays.

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* Requires macOS 13 Ventura or later

MultiScreenshot includes a Free Trial. Download it today from the Mac App Store.

MultiScreenshot Features

Multiple Display Screenshots

Multiple Displays supported and intelligently stitched screenshots with the same positioning and orientation your Displays are set with.

Minimalist Menubar Interface

MultiScreenshot lives in the Menubar. Simply click the MultiScreenshot icon in the Menubar to reveal options.

Global Keyboard Shortcut

Automatically take a Screenshot from any app using the Global Keyboard Shortcut. Alternatively, click the *Snap* button in the MultiScreenshot Menubar Window.

Customize Export Path

Set & Change your Destination Folder to save Screenshots to as needed.

Free Trial Included

Your App Store download of MultiScreenshot includes a complimentary 1 Week Free Trial.

Universal Binary

MultiScreenshot works great on both Apple Silicon M1 & M2 Macs as well as Intel Macs.